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Sugar waste to feed Suffolk Bees


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Thomas Ridley Foodservice is committed to continual improvement in its environmental performance. High on the agenda is to help minimise food waste materialising in our warehouse. Damaged bags of sugar are a frequent occurrence due to the packaging and handling of this ambient food.

Throughout Britain, honey bees eat a substantial amount of sugar when they stop collecting their own supplies from flowering plants and need food from elsewhere to help them survive. The autumn months are commonly the time of year chosen to feed sugar syrup as a supplement by Bee Keepers to ensure that honey bees have sufficient stores to assist them through the winter and to prevent starvation. Bees help keep plants and crops alive by pollination, hence being very crucial to our own existence.

From Summer 2016, Thomas Ridley are pleased to be helping to feed local bees through the damaged bags of granulated and caster sugar that we are unable to sell and supporting Suffolk Bee Keepers in the work that they do.



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