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Outside Kelvedon Hatch

Thomas Ridley's recent staff trip to Kelvedon Hatch secret bunker may have a lasting effect on some???

Built in 1952, Kelvedon Hatch Bunker was designed to house up to 600 military and civilian personnel who would organise the survival of the population and continue Government operations in the event of a Nuclear attack.

Nestled deep in the Essex woodland, it was hidden from the World and only revealed to the public in 1992 when it was decommissioned. Kelvedon Hatch is an amazing location buried 125 feet below the ground and based in the middle of nowhere!

Photo taken just before entering the bunker!!!

Top row: Rachel Summers, Margo Cutting, Chris Threadgold, Sadie Usher, Rebecca Page, Tracey Purt, Christine Collins.
Second row: Sally Worters, Kelly Neal.
Third row: David Harrington, Ash Snowdon, Elizabeth Worswick.
Fourth row (hidden): Clare Ward, Dawn Taylor.
Bottom row: Sharon Chilver, Mike Dube, Paul Rouse, Andrew Sadler, Stuart Needham, Justin Godfrey.



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